One of the several installations that we have realized these weeks in fences of different clients. It is about covering a fence of 1 meter high inside the garden so that customers have more privacy when enjoying the terrace.

The result as you can see is spectacular, the concealment of our heather and the quality of the product, greatly improve the home.  

  Two 100% national artificial hedge pallets for a community of Vizcaya neighbors who have decided among all to place our hedge of quality hedge in the fences of their gardens.
We have been told that after seeing different types of artificial hedge, they have decided to purchase our artificial hedge because it is of much better quality and appearance than all others of oriental origin.


  Palé of 70 rolls of artificial hedge 100% national for some clients of Madrid who want to cover some semi-detached houses that have recently mounted a new garden fence to delimit the pool area and to be able to enjoy it in summer.


  Palé prepared to send to customers of Seville who want to hide the fence of the community of neighbors after checking that our artificial hedge 100% national is a product of quality and exceptional durability.
It is a green artificial hedge that once placed on the fence of the garden is like the natural grass of the meadows, very similar to the natural grass.


  Sending a 100% national artificial hedge pallet for an assembler who only assembles our products for their great quality and durability after verifying that it is the best quality artificial green hedge on the market with a very similar resemblance to the natural grass of the meadows .
Mr. Eduardo tells us that he is getting more and more satisfied with his customers after putting our products on his fences and he is gradually seeing budgets and works to cover fencing. 

  Sending a 100% national artificial hedge pallet for a client who has a rural tourism accommodation in Rupià (Gerona) and wants to cover the outside fence of the garden in order to be able to offer a better quality and tranquility to its clients who want to spend a few days of Rest in family. 

  From Seto Garden sl, we are very pleased to announce the collaboration agreement with the construction material company Ginesta Gamma of Sant Feliu de Guixols in (Girona) that from this month of April will have in its facilities a great variety of all our products for To guarantee an excellent service and quality to all its customers with 100% national products.

Ginesta | Magatzem de materials de construcció a Sant Feliu de Guíxols

  Made in our facilities with heather of the mountains of the gabarres, for a customer of Marbella who wants to cover the fence of a new construction chalet to be able to deliver it to its new owners.
By covering the garden fence and the pool with our heather, the house has gained exclusivity and concealment.

  High quality green artificial hedge rolls that are manufactured in our facilities with the best products on the market to guarantee the customer that receives the best artificial hedge green for your garden fence.
The customer wants to cover the fence that has his garden so that the pool is not visible. 

  Artificial seto 100% of national manufacture for a particular client of Asturias who wants to cover the fence of his garden with a product of quality and that is not the typical oriental hedge.
Mr. Alfredo has admitted that he is very satisfied with the artificial hedge 100% national since it has nothing to do with the other products of this type that are on the market.
Your neighbors to see your garden fence with the new artificial hedge have already been interested in acquiring it because it really is wonderful.


  Sent a high quality 100% national artificial hedge pallet for a client of Valencia who wants to cover a community of neighbors who have houses with garden and have decided among all to rely on a quality product with 6 years warranty.
Our artificial hedge is manufactured in our facilities with high quality products, both in wire, rods and polyethylene to offer our customers possibly the best artificial hedge for fences.


  Natural heel on pallets of 2 meters high for a client of Huelva who wants to cover the perimeter fence of an equestrian horseback riding purebred. This customer is already the fifth time we supply our heather for your livestock farms.  

  Loaded a whole truck of rolls of heather of different measure for three clients of Madrid who want to cover the fencing of their houses and cover the fence of the pool of their villas of a known urbanization of the outskirts. In the end all the neighbors of these cottages have relied on our natural heather to see a client of ours who put our heather on his fence and encouraged all the neighbors.     

  Natural heather in 6 palés for a client of Navarre who wants to finish fencing the gardens of a community of housing that are about to end and deliver to the new owners.
This client makes numerous home and villa promotions all over the country and has always relied on our natural heather.
We have also covered the entire garden fence of your private home in San Cugat (Barcelona)     

  Natural heather pallet made for a client of Ciudad Real who wants to cover the fence he has set up in his garden to privatize the pool area.

  Natural heather of 2 meters of height for a fence of heather that they want to place in a garden of a house of Salamanca and of this form finish to cover the existing fence.   

      100% national artificial hedge panel for a client of Sevilla that wants to cover the fence of your garden and the swimming pool of your house so that they can dissuade the external glances to the house and the garden to be able to enjoy the tranquility in family and to have An artificial product of great durability and of national manufacture with the best quality of the market.

  Assembly of an additional fence on an existing fence along 80ml to lengthen the total of the fence to 2.20 meters in height to prevent them from entering the yard of the industrial warehouse of a recognized van rental company.
Customers have seen an increase in theft in the parking lot of trucks and vans that have parked and have noticed that the stolen materials are getting bigger, so a hawthorn wire has also been placed on top of the new fence. Deter the assailants.



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Minor work on the two fences delimiting a simple twist insulated house with their neighbors.Minor work on the two fences delimiting a simple twist insulated house with their neighbors.


   Seto Garden s.l company that manufactures exclusively this product in its facilities with the best materials of the market and has exclusively with registered trademark and online distribution for individuals and companies.
You can only purchase 100% NATIONAL artificial hedge on our official website  .

Palet seto artificial de Seto Garden

   Other 2 artificial hedge pallets 100% National for two customers of Jaca and Ourense so they can place it on the garden fence that surrounds their homes.
This is a high quality product manufactured in our facilities with the commitment to go beyond day to day in order to offer our customers possibly the best artificial hedge of the market in value for money.

Palets de seto artificial girona

   Delivery of 2 pallets of artificial hedge girona, 100% of national manufacture in our unique facilities in Torroella de Montgri to send them to 2 clients of Castellón and La Rioja who have trusted our product for quality, service, price and for being the only one with 150 rods per roll, which provides the best hiding in the market, much like natural grass.

Palés de seto artificial Girona

   Natural heather freshly made, ready to distribute to the customer. At this time, it is made with green heather due to the rains.
We are manufacturing for each customer, both private and gardeners, construction companies, assemblers, ...
Maximum concealment with the best heather of the mountains of the gavarras.

Natural heather freshly made

   Artificial hedgehog Girona, for a client of Badajoz, who wants to cover a fence in the garden of his house to be more intimate.
Seto Garden s.l only manufactures artificial hedge girona for its customers, we do not manufacture for other brands and only can find 100% National artificial hedge in our official website.
Trademark to differentiate us in quality, hiding and durability in front of the other artificial hedges of oriental origin.

Palet de seto artificial Girona para un cliente de Badajoz

  Delivery of 2 pallets of natural heather of 2 meters of height for a gardening of Zalla in (Bizkaia) for one of its clients that wants to cover the fence of its garden.
Our natural heather is woven with high strength galvanized wire and heather harvested in the mountains of our unique zone because of its climate and proliferation of this type of shrub.
We manufacture the heather rolls according to the demands of each customer in order to guarantee a freshly manufactured product of good quality and durability.
If you want to promote your gardening in the sale of quality natural heather, do not hesitate and contact us and you will receive a budget in 24h.-

Enviament de 2 palets de bruc natural de 2 metres d'altura per a una jardineria de Zalla en (Biscaia) per un dels seus clients que vol cobrir la tanca del seu jardí.
Enviament de 2 palets de bruc natural de 2 metres d'altura per a una jardineria de Zalla en (Biscaia) per un dels seus clients que vol cobrir la tanca del seu jardí.

   Minor work on the two fences delimiting a simple twist insulated house with their neighborsI

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Minor work on the two fences delimiting a simple twist insulated house with their neighbors.Minor work on the two fences delimiting a simple twist insulated house with their neighbors.

Girona artificial hedge in a mini pallet to a customer who was looking green artificial fence for your garden. 0,80mx3m rolls so that they can place them on top of the side wall of your garden and prevent cars from passing through and around your house may annoy and disturb your relaxation in the garden.

Our Girona provides artificial hedge distinction on the farm and striking the fence thanks to its deep green color and texture to ensuring the best hiding the market.


Two pales for some customers of Madridejos (Toledo) to other clients of ours in your area, have become our artificial hedge Girona so that it can be mounted on their fences, garden or pool and enjoy the summer without external looks of pedestrians occasionally then they sniff on the farms of others.

Once our client has placed on the fence, you can see the green as pleasing to the eye and look so similar to natural grass that will hold the same color many years without losing leaves and the unmistakable color that brings our product.

Part placed customers while Girona artificial hedge, can perceive firmness of the more than 145 rods contained in each roll of artificial hedge and also can realize the rigidity, weight and consistency with our product.

The optimal state of our artificial hedge occurs within one week of their placement and the leaves are stretched and provide maximum concealment. Only dedicated to manufacture artificial hedge with our trademark, not be confused with other products that do not provide guarantees or quality or that are promoted by the network, we are not responsible for external Girona artificial hedge purchases.

Dear customer, if you are interested in placing a system of hiding in your home and are looking for an artificial hedge quality you do not miss the color in two years, we inform you that in our company the only artificial hedge market brand is manufactured recorded and all quality standards that refer to this type of product.
In artificial hedge Girona we want to differentiate from other products sold online and in supermarkets at different prices and same quality that do not exceed 2 years of life, advancing symptoms of wear visible already in the first year after its placement.

In our company we manufacture artificial hedge only see visible quality.
All of our products are used in the manufacture of high quality and durability for the remaining product is the best on the market.
Therefore we recommend not decide to buy artificial hedge without telling us the qualities of our artificial hedge.
The growth of our sales has increased thanks to customers tired of seeing on the fences of the houses of their neighbors artificial hedges low quality deteriorate day after day, giving a sad and dowdy image of the property, for that why they have begun to appreciate much more the quality and decide on our product.
We thank mr. Alcazar your trust in us and choosing our quality artificial hedge to place in your garden.

Seto artificial Girona, this week we sent a pallet of artificial hedge for some customers Aguilas (Murcia) so they can be placed in your garden fence, our best product and enjoy with the whole family stays quiet in the garden and forget the eyes of neighbors.

Our artificial hedge is unique in the market for its high quality, durability and hiding, giving the garden and pool area a green color within 2 shades very similar to natural grass that give a feeling of nature throughout the garden.

We are realizing the importance of our customers choose our artificial hedge because once you have set in their gardens, we get many requests from neighbors to buy our product. Gradually artificial hedge Girona is reaching all populations, thanks to word of mouth neighbors and customers, which is why in our company we keep taking care of our customers every day.


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